Working With the Best Surgeon for Breast Augmentation


Breast augmentation is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries that Australian women undergo. It has quite a long history of success among patients who wanted to have breast implants for varying reasons. It may be to enhance one’s figure, or gain balance of breast and hip contours, or simply be more confident about one’s self. Whichever it is, Dr. Dona, one of the best plastic surgeons in Sydney can help you achieve your goal.

Types of Implants 

There are different types of breast implants as well. Dr. Dona can help you understand each of them and help you decide which would work best for your situation. Some of the most common are saline implants, structured saline implants, gel-filled implants, and autologous fat transfer.

Saline breast implants are those filled with sterile salt water and can be filled depending on the preferred size of the patient. Structured saline implants are basically the same but only has a structure inside which holds the sterile salt water and gives a firmer look.
Meanwhile, gel-filled implants for breast augmentation are sometimes also called “gummy bear” implants. They are filled with cohesive gel and give the breasts full look even when the shell is broken.

Lastly, autologous fat transfer is the process wherein fats from the patient’s own body is removed, refined, and injected into the breasts. Among the four, this may be the least popular procedure because some patients feel it is more complicated than the three. Anyhow, a medical professional can guide you when choosing the best option.

Choosing the Best Procedure

Your personal preferences are not the only things that surgeons consider when you wish to undergo a boob job. They will check your anatomy and personal health profile to ensure that a certain procedure is indeed suitable for you. They will go through your medical history as they discuss the goals you have in mind in deciding to go through the operation.

Having a breast augmentation procedure is a very personal decision but qualified plastic surgeons in Sydney like Dr. Dona can help you achieve the results as well as make the process easy and safe. While breast surgery is quite common, you would not want to go through it unprepared and with the wrong professional. The techniques for the operation continuously goes through refinement and a reliable surgeon should be able to both tell and perform them well. If you truly want what is best, then make sure you only work with the best.