What Teens should Know about Oral Health


Teenage years are a life period when we really do not think that much about health but we are more obsessed with our looks. Therefore, the teen’s dental problems are common.

Better information of oral health and its effects may help teenagers understand the problem better and make them take some action.

So, let us start with these 10 tips for a dazzling smile:

  1. Brush your teeth after every meal and at least twice a day after breakfast and dinner
  2. It is not sufficient just to brush your teeth; it’s important to wash them too. So, put on your favourite song on your MP4 player and brush your teeth while the song is playing. It should be about enough time to brush your teeth properly.
  3. Change toothbrush every 3-4 months but if you were ill in the meantime, you should change your brush right away. Microorganisms that remain on the brush can help the disease to last longer.
  4. You should always use dental floss or interdental brushes. These are auxiliaries which will effectively remove plaque between teeth.
  5. While you’re washing your teeth, make an additional effort and brush your tongue too. Regular brushing the tongue will remove dead cells and food debris that accumulate and are an important cause of bad breath.
  6. Chew sugar-free chewing gum. Gum chewing stimulates the secretion of saliva which is a natural protection against tooth decay. REMEMBER: Gum is NOT a substitute for the brush.
  7. Get good food. Eat foods rich in fibre, whole grains, raw fruits, and vegetables and avoid snacks. Junk food, sweets, and sweet drinks increase the risk of developing cavities.
  8. Use fluorine-enriched toothpaste.
  9. Do not smoke. Cigarette smoking changes the colour of teeth associated with bad breath, reduced sense of taste, and it affects the overall health of the lining of the mouth and teeth.
  10. Regularly visit the dentist and control your oral health.

Now that you have the basics, you should also know how some other things affect our oral health:

Oral piercing

Piercing became a very common way of expressing the personality of teenagers regardless of how scary it looks; just to imagine sticking needles in your tongue.

Oral piercing has a higher risk of complications than earlobes piercing.

Before you decide to add all sorts of ornaments on your pretty young face, you should think about the possible complications. The most common complications are bleeding so profusely that it is very difficult to stop; you might also get an infection or injury in your mouth and teeth. Other complications include swelling, scarring, damage to important anatomical structures, periodontal disease, etc.

Are you still persistent with your intention to make at least one hole in the tongue, lips, or face?

Teeth whitening

Due to the increasing number of celebrities whose teeth are as white as pearls, a large number of teenagers using the technique DIY in order to furnish a similar, so-called “Hollywood smile”.

Dentists warn of the dangers of these DIY teeth whitening because it damages the enamel, and instead of teeth become whiter, they become darker and more sensitive to different types of food. Also, teenagers should avoid lipsticks that are orange and coral tones because the teeth get the yellowish glow. Red, purple, and pink lipsticks are the best to carry that “Pearl” smile effect.


Nutrition plays a key role in the oral health. Sugars and sticky foods like many snacks and drinks allow the formation of plaque which leads to damage of tooth enamel. Using a well-balanced food helps you have a good effect on oral health.


If you do not smoke or chew tobacco, do not start! Smoking is a major problem for the health of the whole body and it leaves a discoloration of the teeth and gums, forms tart and deposits on the teeth, and contributes to bad breath. In the long run, chewing tobacco, smoking cigars or cigarettes increases the risk of mouth cancer and gum disease. If you use tobacco and feel any kind of problem or change in your mouth, inform your dentist immediately.

So, be conscious, take good care of your oral health and smile.

Author Box: Stephen Tomalin, with his top tips about oral health, takes your curiosity to another level. He explains lucidly how you can take care of your oral hygiene before worrying about visiting a dentist.