The More Pronouncing Role of Dentists Today


Despite, having become a major industry, the profession of dentistry is still considered to be second in line to the core medical practice. However, recent trends suggest that people visit dentist more than regular doctors. This has been facilitated by the fact that dentistry has emerged as not merely a branch of medicine but also aesthetic and cosmetic science.

Dentists Make You Look Good

Do you care for your teeth? A bright, white and a good pair of teeth is what you will need to confidently face any situation in the world. It projects attractiveness and a pleasant disposition. Confidence is the cornerstone of success. Imagine the following two scenarios.

1) You have a very important meeting and you are running late. When you finally reach your destination and your clients look to you for an explanation, you apologize and crack a joke. But you know you have teeth that do not look very flattering. So you try to conceal your teeth with a simple closed lip smile to your joke.

2) The same situation as above. But only this time, you have a great pair of teeth that you know you can show off. When you crack a joke, you do not hesitate to bare your fabulous pair of teeth.

Which of the above situations will placate the waiting clients better? The answer may be obvious. A good joke and a broad smile always win hearts as against a cold smile. Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love and a gift to that person. Think about it. Who makes this possible?

A dentist does. It is one of the most important professions from the corporate point of view.

The Topic of Hygiene

While not many people are put in situations where they have to smile all day long flaunting their teeth, personal hygiene is of importance to everyone. A healthy pair of teeth is very important as it reflects directly on your personality and self-esteem. The health of your mouth mirrors the condition of your body too. Besides, your oral hygiene affects your breath. There is no getting out of it. If your breath is bad, you will not be able to stand your own mouth under your nose.

Want to try? Think about how your mouth feels in the morning when you do not brush for a long while. Intolerable, right? That is how you will feel if your oral hygiene is not up to the mark.

The Dentists Today

A Dentist is responsible to either make or ruin your teeth. So it is essential that you go only to a trusted dentist for getting your teeth worked upon. A bad choice will definitely turn into a nightmare. It is a situation that is best avoided for good. Quackery in dentistry is worsening the situation. Many of the post-graduate dental practitioners are deluding patients and working only for monetary benefits.

I believe that the authorities alone cannot be blamed. We too are in some way in charge of whatever this profession is confronting today. We should never forget that maintaining a good dental hygiene is not expensive but neglecting it is. A smile is the prettiest thing that you can ever wear. Dream makes everything possible, hope makes everything work, love makes everything beautiful, but only smile makes all the above. So never forget that it is only because of dentists that we are able to put up such a charismatic smile. Therefore, we should assume our part to inspire and uplift the status of dentistry.

Be the change you want to see!

Author Box:

John Brookner explains how a perfect smile is complemented by a perfect oral health and the way it stimulates your surroundings. He also sheds light on the dentist today and the demanding roles he has to showcase.