Skip the Wait and See a Doctor Online


Getting in to see your GP isn’t always easy, especially if you’re trying to get an appointment the same day because you’re not feeling well. In some cases, it can even take some time to get a prescription renewed or get a sick note to take to your boss. However, there’s a new option that allows you to skip the wait and talk to a doctor right away. Online healthcare consultations can be an excellent way to get medication for minor issues or to get medical advice for a question or situation.

How Does It Work?

Seeing a doctor online works exactly like video chatting with a friend or relative. You simply log in to the website or download the app for your mobile phone. After you create an account and log in, you’ll enter some of your basic personal and health information followed by the reason you need to speak to the doctor. You’ll then be connected to a doctor who can provide you with answers to your questions, a prescription if you need one, a sick note for your employer, or a referral to a specialist.

Which Doctors Are Available?

Many different doctors are now part of an online GP service. It’s very likely that your GP offers online consultations, but you’re free to see any GP for your online consultation. These doctors are available during standard office hours; plus, some may have extended hours or evening and weekend times for online consultations.

If you have given approval for your medical records to be available, the doctor you’re talking with will have access to your medical history. This can be very helpful in allowing him or her to make the correct diagnosis and to help determine what medications you can be prescribed safely.

What Does It Cost?

The doctor you’re seeing sets the cost, and they’re often very reasonable prices. You may have to pay extra for tests or other services, of course.

Privacy Concerns

It seems like the news reports on a cyber-attack every day, so it’s natural that you’re concerned with your online privacy. When using an online medical consultation service, the video chats themselves are never recorded or saved anywhere. Nothing you say to the doctor will be shared with anyone except other medical professionals who are providing you with treatment. You have all of the privacy rights and benefits that you do when speaking to a doctor in the office.

The Benefits of Online Consultation

In addition to the low cost and total privacy, seeing an online GP has many different benefits. If you’re feeling horrible, you don’t have to leave your home and wait in a waiting room to see the doctor. You can have your consultation from your bed. If you’re contagious, you avoid spreading your illness to others and you aren’t exposed to anyone else with a contagious sickness. You also don’t have to worry about getting a ride to the doctor if you don’t have a vehicle.

While it may not permanently replace seeing medical experts, in some cases online consultations are a great way of dealing with minor illnesses and medical needs.