Should People With Diabetes Consider Taking Dietary Supplements?


Diabetes, especially Type 2 diabetes, is often considered as a lifestyle disease, as it’s more common in people who have a sedentary lifestyle. If you have diabetes, a lot of things should be in check, including diet restrictions, which must be followed to the best possible extent. Like every other patient, you must have tried finding more details, suggestions, treatment plans, home remedies and other things related to the condition, and in all likeliness, you must have heard about dietary supplements. So, should you consider dietary supplements for diabetes? Well, we have a few things and facts that may come handy.

What are dietary supplements?

In the simplest terms, dietary supplements are additional vitamins, minerals and nutrients that are taken in a pill, liquid, or capsule form, for better health. While healthy people take these supplements too, some of the products available in the market are intended for diabetic patients only. Diabetes vitamins and supplements have been found useful for certain cases, especially when the patient cannot derive these nutrients from a regular diet.

Things to note

Firstly, it’s important to understand that dietary supplements are not replacements for traditional medicines that keep blood sugar levels in check. You will still need to follow the prescription of your doctor, besides following the diet and exercise recommendations. Secondly, the research in this field is kind of limited, but studies have revealed that dietary supplements that have chromium can help the body in using glucose effectively. There are other supplements that have a good balance of other vitamins and minerals, which can help in maintaining the daily nutritional requirements of the body.

Buying products

If you are considering dietary supplements, you should talk to your doctor in the first place, so that he can suggest a few tests. Also, while using these products, you cannot go on a complete dieting phase, because your body will still need food to keep up the energy levels. While there are many options, you should be careful about buying supplements, because a lot of them are contaminated with substances and inclusions that are otherwise not stated on the label of the product. Read the reviews online and do find more about a particular product or manufacturer before placing an order.

Finally, some dietary supplements may interact with your prescription drugs. Do your research and buy products that are tested, verified, and checked by experts and doctors.