Save Your Health with Yoga


Indonesia is home to many amazing landscapes, wonderful locals, and many great locations to explore and enjoy but some are unaware that it is also a great place to find some of the world’s leading yoga instructors. This is an ancient practice proven to help a person achieve a more flexible and healthy body while also bringing his or her mind to a more peaceful outlook on life and to find focus. The name itself is translated to “union” and this is meant to be the union of the body and mind through careful study and positioning designed to invoke inner peace.


However, there are some who simply try yoga in Indonesia because it is a great workout for the body, allowing you to burn many hundreds of calories in a single session with a great instructor. No matter the exercises chosen by you or your instructor, the practices will allow you to stretch the body, burn calories, and make better use of any additional exercise done after the start of the program. There are a number of movements that are perfect for daily use and you could work with your instructor to find a set of movements that will push your body and help it to achieve the utmost of health without too much time or work on your end.


A large part of yoga is to control your breathing using exercises, or pranayama, which are incorporated into many of the positions as well as on their own. The exercises encourage a more focused and centred way of breathing and they also provide a means of managing stress and frustration from your daily activities. For example, those who have stressful and demanding jobs often express that their breathing exercises help them to wind down and to feel more relaxed before they go to sleep for the night.

For those with asthma, the breathing exercises can help to regain control of an attack and to open the lungs quite deliberately. This is by no means a replacement for asthma medication but it could help you to understand when an attack is happening and to respond more quickly. Those with breathing problems may see improvement over time in both their control and comfort and you may even see your attacks come with slightly less frequency.


Yoga is great for sleeping because it is designed to relax the body and mind through careful and deliberate actions. If done right before sleep, you may find that you sleep faster, longer, and more deeply than you did before you started trying yoga for the very first time. The results of long-term yoga classes could be that you find yourself sleeping better than ever before and you could also find that you no longer have as much difficulty lying down and drifting off. The difference that a few simple movements done every day can achieve is astounding and a great instructor can help you create some unique and easy-to-remember routines that will aid in a wide range of ways.